Lara Heaton was a teacher of Aidan Croker's who seemed to think highly of him and who was later raped by another student named Frasier Kane. Frasier was part of Aidan's circle of friends and Aidan realized that he was illiterate. Aidan spoke to Lara about his illiterate friend, asking for advice after she had given him detention for not turning in the homework Frasier's Cannabis had tempted him away from. Lara noticed Frasier waiting for Aidan outside the school and warned Aidan that though he may appear clever, there was more than just being unable to read wrong with Frasier.

Later, Aidan, Frasier and some friends were running through the estate when they encountered Lara by chance. Frasier stopped and began to intimidate Lara, who he called the "detention queen", as he said she had never liked him. Lara attempted to stay composed and told Frasier to get out of her way but his threatening continued and she lost her nerve as a horrified Aidan looked on helplessly. Suddenly, Frasier lunged for Lara and though she begged for him to stop and asked the other boys for help, no one moved as Frasier dragged her to a dark corner and forced himself on her.

Aidan later saw Frasier and his other friends at the local park, looking scared and unable to meet Frasier's eye Aidan told them that he wouldn't be around for a while before running away from Frasier's warning that he had better keep his mouth shut.

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