Keep It in the Family is the thirteenth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.

An awkward incident between Patty and Frank convinces Libby to organize fund-raising event at The Jockey to send her mother on a pilgrimage to Lourdes in France to cure Patty of her disability. Frank is talked into accompanying Patty. When they arrive, the unlikely pair soon bond over past experiences.

During the fund-raising event at The Jockey, Carl agree's to put himself on auction for the highest bidder. Which turns out to be Lillian Tyler, who forces him to do the chores at her house while naked but for an apron.

Kelly is visited by Tonya, her fifteen year old sister, who is in social care and has a baby son named Enrique. But their shared past soon comes to haunt them, as their father, Homer, comes to find his daughter. A social-worker stops by to explain the conditions of Tonya's custody. With Shane absent, Micky reluctantly pretends to be his brother. Tonya given simulated baby to assess the her suitability to look after her son, but she soon palms it off on Micky. Soon, Micky learns of a horrible secret concerning both Kelly and Tonya with their father.


. Narrator: Patty Croker. This is the first episode narrated by her.

. Patty dreams of being in a romantic relationship with Eamonn Holmes.

. Despite claiming to be a Catholic, Patty confesses that she doesn't believe in god when she and Frank are at Lourdes.

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