Kassi Blanco' (born 1981) is the half-Arab half-brother of Jamie Maguire. Kassi first appears in Series 11 and gets knocked out by Jamie the first time he comes to the Chatsworth. Kassi is married to his Jewish wife Esther and has three children, named Tam, Thaila and Saul. Tam, his eldest son, has been suspended from school for sending pictures of his penis to one of his teachers. Kassi revealed that he was once bankrupt.

In Episode 4 of Series 11, Jamie helps Kassi and his family to move to Chatsworth in an attempt to escape attention by the authorities in Sheffield. The Blanco's move into No.4 Windsor Garden's, which had recently been vacated by the Powell family, but was unofficially the lodging of Marty Fisher and Kelly Ball, whom Jamie Maguire ordered out. 

In Episode 5, however, the police managed to track down Kassi in Greater Manchester, after he rented out a van in his own name. Kassi was taken into police custody, and has asked Jamie to look after his wife and children in his absence.


  • Kassi's national origins are Palestinian, as stated by his wife, Esther, in Episode 1104.

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