Karen Maguire, originally Karen Jackson, was portrayed by Rebecca Atkinson and made her first appearance in the very first episode of Shameless. Her flirty nature was her defining feature in the first few series, with her first major storyline involving her having an affair with her mother's boyfriend Frank (the father of her own boyfriend). Due to the fallout of the affair, toward the end of Series 1 Karen left the Chatsworth to live with her grandmother before returning in the Christmas Special that kicked off Series 2.

It was then that Karen got herself a job at The Jockey, the pub that she would eventually end up running. Karen later married Jamie Maguire, member of the infamous local crime family, with whom she had a son: Connor Maguire. Karen didn't calm with age however and battled Bipolar disorder after the birth of her son, had an affair with her sister in-law's boyfriend Joe Pritchard which lead to a paternity scare and ended with the break down of her marriage and eventually murder. Karen and Jamie were able to repair their marriage, even surviving Jamie having an affair himself, proving just how strong it was.

Karen is one of the only characters to have appeared in every series of the show, including the first and last episodes, without ever having left for an extended period.

Series 1 - 2004

Series 2 - 2005

Series 3 - 2006

Series 4 - 2007

Series 5 - 2008

Series 6 - 2009

Series 7 - 2010

Series 8 - 2011

Series 9 - 2012

Series 10 - 2012

Series 11 - 2013

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