Justin Chatwin was born on October 31, 1982 in Nanaimo, Canada. He is an actor known for his starring roles in Dragonball: Evolution, The Invisible, Urge, and No Stranger Than Love. In his role in Shameless (US) he plays Jimmy Lishman.

Life and Career

Justin was born in Nanaimo, British Columbia, to an artist mother and an engineer father. He was raised Catholic.

His film roles include War of the WorldsThe Invisible, The Chumscrubber, SuperBabies: Baby Geniuses 2, Taking Lives, Dragonball: Evolution, and the Canadian film Funkytown.

Justin has also been in several television shows, including the mini-series Taken and Lost. He played the son of Kevin Nealon's character in the Showtime comedy series Weeds, appearing only in the pilot and series finale. In 2016, he was cast in CBS's American Gothic.

In summer 2010, Justin was cast as a series regular on the Showtime dramedy Shameless, portraying Jimmy Lishman.

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