It's Time to Kill the Turtle is the eighth episode of the first season of Shameless.


When Frank gives up drinking, Carl and Debbie enjoy having their dad back despite Lip's warning it won't last. Meanwhile, Fiona scrambles to find a better job.


Regular Cast

Special Guest Star

Guest Starring


  • Chris Gartin - Chip Lishman
  • Paige White - Dr. Seery
  • Corina Boettger - Pimply Girl
  • Timothy George Connolly  - Sleazy Guy
  • Katherine Cunningham - Danielle
  • Missy Doty - Jess
  • Sonia Jackson - Darla Martini
  • Brooke Kuchuris - Mom
  • Michael Liu - Hugh
  • Michael Patrick McGill - Tommy
  • Bre Mueck - Beautiful Woman
  • Jeffery Self - Grant
  • Jasmin Tavarez - Gisela


  • Adam Goodell - College Student
  • Norma J. Houser - Store Patron
  • Samuel Meadows - College Student
  • Jay Murray - Store Patron


  • "Previously on Shameless" - Lip Gallagher
  • Episode Runtime- 00:48:15

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