It's Over is the sixteenth and final episode of the sixth series of Shameless. It featured a major cast change, with four characters making their final appearance.


It's been a tough year for our Chatsworth residents: we've seen them survive benefit fraud, brothels, stints in jail, stings-gone-wrong, fake suicides, cold turkey, lesbian romps, lingerie parties, abandonment and a family torn apart and put back together again. What else could possibly happen?

Patrick has lost his grip on his marriage and family - still haunted by dreams of his kidnapper, he resolves to banish his demons in order to take back control.

A man on a mission, he tracks down the woman responsible for what he has become - Maureen. Consequently, the Maguires will never, ever be the same again.

Frank becomes a self-styled martyr, but to his horror he discovers his child benefit has stopped. And so he sets out on a rampage of justice in an attempt to get it back.

Meanwhile, Maxine still harbours secret feelings for an oblivious Carl. When he embarks on a VIP night out, blagging his way into an exclusive club, Maxine comes up with a plan to teach him a lesson.

And with Mandy preparing to move in with Joe, Karen's guilt gets the better of her and she braces herself to tell Mandy her shocking secret.

Post Credit Scene

The front door of the Gallagher house is opened to reveal a hung over looking Debbie. A woman at the door introduces herself as a Foster Care Assessor there for an appointment, which causes Debbie to roll her eyes before saying "they don't live here anymore, they live next door" and starting to close the door. Before she can, the worker interrupts by saying she has an appointment with Frank as he's expressed his interest in becoming a foster carer. This news causes Debbie to make an angry growl as she slams the door shut.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lola & Macy Yoxall - Katie Maguire
  • Julia Ford - Maureen
  • Ciaran Kellgren - Mark
  • Guy Flanagan - Raymondo
  • Chris Hall - Medic
  • Jasmine Franks - Jacqui
  • Sue Ryding - DSS Woman
  • Matthew Forrest - Marco
  • Laura Ainsworth - Maria
  • Olwen May - Social Worker


  • This is one of only two episodes which is narrated by two characters. First Paddy Maguire and then Frank Gallagher.
  • This is one of only three episodes that feature the death of a main character, the second being Episode 716 in which Joe Pritchard is murdered. The third being both Ruby Hepburn (broke her neck falling out of a window) and Patty Croker (drowned ina tidal surge on the beach) in Episode 1011.
  • Even thought they do not depart in the episode itself, Debbie Gallagher, Norma Starkey and Meena Karib make their final appearance, with the characters all departing offscreen before the start of Series 7.
  • Karen learns that she is pregnant with her and Jamie's future son, Connor.

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