I Love Frank is the eighth episode of the fifth series of Shameless. It focuses on a short lived love affair between Frank and Rosie, a woman he meets on a bus.


Frank is forced to go on a Restart Course, but on a bus-ride to the course, meets a woman named Rosie, whose love for him, for a brief time, makes him deviate from his normal routines.

Debbie cleans up the house so as to rent out lodgings for some American Christian tourists. Two such people, a brother and sister named Brandi and Barny, stay at the Gallagher's home. Brandi uses her pretend piety to make Debbie jump through hoops for her, while Liam, despite not being thrilled with Debbie's attempts to impress her guests, nevertheless strikes up a friendship with Barny, a Goth, and enlists Carl's help to expose Brandi's darker side.

Carrie is set for her exams to be promoted to sergeant, but is secretly in debt to a criminal due to gambling. One who sees fit to sell her debt to Paddy Maguire, who wants a police sergeant in his pocket.

Lillian is being sought out by a dangerous criminal, one whose face she saw in the previous episode during a robbery. Despite advice from PC's Stan and Tom, she regularly goes out in public. She approaches Norma for driving lessons, but Lillian's carelessness injures Norma, who quits, convincing Lillian she must teach herself to drive.

Post Credit Scene

Loud metal music plays as Liam bounces on his bed and plays air guitar in his goth outfit and make up from the episode. Debbie is heard angrily shouting from downstairs, causing Liam to quickly turn off the music and sit on the bed calmly.


Regular Cast

Secondary Cast

  • Esther Coles - Rosie Buchan
  • Joanne King - Brandi
  • George Whitton - Barney


  • Narrator: Frank Gallagher.
  • Restart Courses were used as an attempt to get the long tern unemployed back in to work. But Frank, who is known to be receiving sickness benefit would likely be exempt from the Restart programme for this reason.


Debbie: I don't know what they see in her [Brandi], she's a Christian bitch from 
Norma: Well, it's amazing how far a tiny waist and long legs will get you in 
Debbie: Have you got a douche?
Yvonne: What the fuck's that?
Lillian: It's a bottle with a flexible end for washing out down below. Like mouth 
wash for your fanny.
Mimi: Jesus Frank, did you take a bath in Old Spice? Whatever happened to the 
days when public transport smelled like piss and tobacco?

Deleted Scenes

  • Frank is laying in his bed reading a book while Monica stands near-by. She asks if he has any thoughts for girl baby names and he replies by asking if she thinks the baby is a girl, though Monica just points out that it's a 50/50 chance. She tells him that they'll know the babies sex by Wednesday as she has a scan, getting angry when Frank pretends not to know this. She calms down when she realizes he was only joking and get's into bed with him as they both agree that they want to "do it right this time". They make as if to begin having sex but Monica stops as the baby is "dancing on her bladder". Frank asks what he is supposed to do with his erection which can be seen from beneath the blanket and Monica replies that he should hold that thought.

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