"Home Sweet Homeless Shelter" is the third episode of Season 7 of Shameless. It aired on October 16th, 2016 on Showtime. It attracted a total of 1.44 million viewers.


Kev, V and Svetlana commence their topless maid service and deal with the sudden arrival of Svetlana's estranged intimidating father. A day of chaos leads to Fiona giving the rest of the Gallagher family ultimatums to even finding some inspiration by a corporate employee; she later on informs the family in regards to now taking care of themselves when at home including personal necessities. Frank officially fulfills his quest by 'disowning' his family and forms a new 'family' consisting of homeless people. Ian's break-up with Caleb finds himself in a manic state. Lip finds himself in a rocky start in his new job. Carl is confronted by Dominque's father, Sergeant Winslow who claims that he gave her gonorrhea; he gets himself tested then proves to him by finding Dominique at a fraternity house making out with an older man. Debbie has a brush with the law in a store after now shoplifting clothing and finds herself in debt to her night nanny Jolayemi.