Happy Birthday, Ma Maguire is the third episode of the fifth series of Shameless. It marked the beginning of Monica's pregnancy, a running theme throughout the series.


Monica announces that she is pregnant to the less than enthusiastic Gallaghers. Though she hasn't taken any form of test, she claims she is sure as she has had her usual omen, strange nursery rhyme themed dreams. However after a series of negative pregnancy tests that Debbie borrowed from Meena, Monica begins to get depressed. After cutting up baby clothes and telling Norma that she never had real feelings for her, Monica announces that she plans to make up for her failings as a mother by being the best mother she can to her children.

However Monica is soon told by Yvonne that the shop had a faulty batch of pregnancy testing kits, meaning the stash Meena had given to Debbie may have been wrong.

Paddy puts pressure on Karen to help him organize a surprise forty-fifth birthday party for Mimi. Ian and Jamie find themselves locked in The Jockey cellar when the door handle comes off while they are moving boxes and Jamie makes the mistake of calling for help, which only reveals that the bar is unattended. The customers, Frank among them, begin stealing everything in sight from alcohol to bar furniture. Karen soon releases them from the cellar but with the pub stripped bare she is left the unenviable position of informing the Maguires that there will be no party. Things are further complicated when a Brewery representative shows up.

Meanwhile, Carrie and Tom worry about Stan when his new girlfriend Irana flies in from Ukraine. Carrie's mind races with the possibilities of what Irana could be up to, from drugs mule to mail order bride, she settles on gold digger and tries to talk some sense into Stan.

Post Credit Scene

Jamie shouts "time gentlemen please" from behind the bar in The Jockey. He goes to ring the bell but finds that it's empty, Frank takes the opportunity to ask for another drink but Karen says she wants the rest of the bell back first. Frank acts offended, asking why is it always him but Karen and Jamie aren't impressed and promise to serve him if he gives it back. Frank promptly removes the rest of the bell from his coat pocket and hands it to Jamie who then rings the bell as Frank smiles.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lola & Macy Yoxall - Katie Maguire
  • Olga Grahame - Nana Murphy
  • Frog Stone - Irana
  • Ken Kitson - Tom Tyldesley
  • Rebecca White - Micky's Date


  • Narrator: Monica Gallagher. This is the first episode to be narrated by her.
  • Jez is mentioned.
  • Mimi's mother, referred to as "Nana Murphy" appears in this episode.
  • Monica claims she has hurt Liam the most out of all of her children. However, Liam was newborn during her departure so he wouldn't have noticed, as explained by Fiona in Series 1.


Karen: Sorry, bad news.
Mimi: What?
Karen: We've had a robbery. Can't do your party.
Mimi: What party? Would that be a surprise party?
Karen: Sorry, I didn't know!
Mimi: No neither did I but I do now. Paddy's gonna rip your lungs out. You've 
really crossed the line this time, shit head.
Karen: Fuck!
Ian: How's it going for dates then? And who's taking Nana?
Shane: [Cringing] Piss off!
Ian: How about you Micky?
Micky: I'm fixed up.
Shane: Are ya? Fuck! Me, again, fuck!
Ian: How's the, um, unquenchable thirst for hot cock?
Micky: It's a girl.
Ian: A girl? I'd warn her before you put it in. Oh.

Deleted Scenes

  • A dead pig is seen on the bar of The Jockey. Jamie walks in and loudly says that he'll take the arse, causing the camera to zoom in on Micky's shocked expression as an arrow flying through the air sound effect is heard. Ian walks in to help Jamie move the pig as Micky can't help but look on, Frank steals his pint and Ian moves the mouth of the pig and puts on a high squeaky voice to talk. He says "please don't fuck me fair child Frank, I can't look after more piglets now I'm a corpse" which causes Frank to laugh and say that he's glad he didn't waste any of his seed on Ian. As Jamie and Ian move the pig, Frank says "kids eh? You've got all this to come" to Micky as he struts out of the pub.

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