Grandaddy Gallagher is the eighth episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Frank has the shock of his life when he runs into Lip and Katie in the middle of the street. Lip makes it very clear that his opinion of Frank has only gotten worse and has even lied to Katie by telling her Frank was kidnapped by the Taliban. Frank uses Katie to get them back to the house where he realizes they are in town to see Mimi. Despite his lack of comfort at being back in Chatsworth, Lip heads and catches up with Karen, who tries to convince him not to be so hard on Frank.

Katie meanwhile is revealed to be a "tom boy", something that clearly upsets Mimi who attributed it to Katie's lack of a female role model.

Saul joins the boy scouts lead by Remona, much to Esther's dismay but inspired by stories from Jamie's youth he sets out to cause as much trouble as he can.

Post Credit Scene

A tent is seen pitched on a small patch of grass in the middle of the estate. Jamie can be heard singing Kumbaya from inside, the camera cuts to inside the tent and shows that Jamie is tucked into a sleeping bag with his eyes screwed tightly shut while singing. Remona puts her head into the tent and lights a torch before asking if Jamie is scared, making him jump with surprise. She then gets into a sleeping bag next to Jamie and warns that she will cut his hands off if he touches her, Jamie can be seen nodding as she turns off a lantern in the tent.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Lip Gallagher and Frank Gallagher (at the end). This is the second of only two episodes narrated by two characters. The first being Episode 616 (Paddy and Frank).
  • Lip Gallagher returns to the estate for the first time since leaving in Series 5.
  • Features scenes from Series 1 and 2 in the form of Lip's flashbacks.
  • Katie is stated as being 9 years of age, despite being born during Series 3 in 2006 This would have realistically made her seven years old at the time this episode aired.
  • Though having blonde hair in earlier episodes, Katie in Series 11 has brown hair.
  • There is no mention nor indication of Lip being married, despite it being mentioned by Mimi in Episode 710.
  • Lip's story to Katie about Frank is that he was a caterer in the army who was posted in Afghanistan, citing this as the reason they never visit Frank.


Karen: Maybe she's just different.
Mimi: A rug muncher.
Karen: Do you mean do I think she's a lesbian? I don't know.
Mimi: I couldn't care less if she grows up to be an Olympic class muff diver. 
Just so long as she isn't doing the full K.D. Lang thing at her first holy 

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