Virginia Louise "Ginger" Gallagher was the aunt of Frank Gallagher and the owner of the Gallagher house, who died during a party Frank attended, after she overdosed on cocaine. Her death was never revealed to authorities or any of the family as shown when Frank reveals her death to the Gallagher children when a woman from the Office of the Inspector General knocks on their door looking for her. Most of the family had been unaware of her death until then, as Frank had told everyone Ginger was living in a Wisconsin nursing home for 12 years while he collected her Social Security checks. The Gallaghers, with help from Veronica, get a mentally-confused elderly lady out of the old folks' home to pose as Ginger, then return her after the inspector departs. Debbie, even though she participated in the plan, becomes very attached to the fake Ginger after getting to know her and asks if they can keep her, but Fiona tells her they don't have the room or money to support "Ginger" full-time. However, as the inspector announces that she plans to return every six months to check up on the family, the Gallagher siblings make plans to bring "Ginger" back to the house as needed.

During Season 3, after Fiona files for guardianship of her five siblings, with Veronica's help, she steals a body and uses it to declare Ginger legally dead. She has Lip write up a fake will leaving Fiona the house. Unfortunately, their cousin Patrick filed a fake will of his own which superseded theirs, with "Ginger" leaving him Fiona's house. However, Debbie came up with a plan to accuse Patrick of molesting her, and blackmails him into a 50-year lease with a 500 dollar a month rent payment, exiling Patrick from their lives and allowing Fiona to keep the house.

Note: Dr. Lloyd later starts referring to Ian by the nickname "Ginger", based on his hair color. This nickname is unrelated to either the real or fake Aunt Ginger.