Gangster Gallagher is the sixth episode of the eighth series of Shameless. It centered on the 21st birthday of Carl Gallagher and the start of his new job working for the Maguire family.


Carl's 21st birthday is on the horizon and in an attempt to raise funds he sets up his own valet service. Impressed with Carl's work, Jamie offers him a job with the Maguires. Carl loves his status as a Maguire employee, especially as he's able to attract Sita's attention.

Kelly is furious when she discovers Shane's been filtering money from their joint account to the family business and determines to get the cash back.

Avril and Mimi are becomingly neighbourly by exchanging dinner invites, but Jackson manages to irritate everyone. And, strapped for cash, Chesney reluctantly goes along with Micky's idea to run a gay hotline from the shop.

Post Credit Scene

Mimi, Jamie, Shane and Micky Maguire are all seen standing on a stage complete with lights and backdrop wearing leotards, wigs and big make-up while singing Boney M's Brown Girl In The Ring. This is a reference to the racial oriented events of the episode.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



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