Gang Wars is the sixteenth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.

After revealing their affair to Jamie in the previous episode Joe and Karen prepare to leave Chatsworth, but not until they first snatch young Connor from Jamie's custody. Joe trys to trick Jamie into giving up Connor by claiming to have taken a DNA paternity test that confirmed Joes as Connor's father. But Jamie insists that he's still Connor's father despite what the paternity test says. After colluding with Roscoe to help kidnap Connor, Joe admits to Karen that the paternity test results was actually a gas bill. But Karen, en route to their new home, is having second thoughts about her future with Joe.

After nearly getting mugged on their way home from a party one evening, Ian and Maxine overpower thug and take him prisoner. But when they hold the man captive in their house, Ian and Maxine realise that Ian's preference for men is incompatible with his relationship with Maxine.

Roscoe returns after narrowly escaping a ten-year prison sentence to get vengeance on the Maguires, but the tables are soon turned on him when Micky, Bruce and Frank manage to hijack a number of firearms that Libby and the local police had turned over to them.

And Mimi, who thinks she is suffering from a case of indigestion, unexpectantly gives birth to her eighth child, Cilla.


. Narrator: Ian Gallagher.

. This episode marks the final appearances of Ian Gallagher, Maxine Donnelly, Bruce Donnelly and Joe Pritchard.

. Ian murders Joe by smashing him in the back of the head with a wrench, and is last seen driving away to dispose of the body.

. Liam Gallagher, though mentioned, is absent in this episode.

. Cilla Maguire (later Tutton) is born.

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