From Chatsworth to Cuba is the sixth episode of the seventh series of Shameless.


Paddy's plans to salsa into the sunset with his new love D'Reen Savage are scuppered when Mimi forces him to guarantee the financial security of the family with one last job - targeting the drug money of notorious psychopath Roscoe. Torn between a new life with D'Reen and his family responsibilities, Patrick calls upon his sons for help.

Meanwhile, Liam is suffocating under an avalanche of household debts and the fallout from trying to gamble his way out of trouble. Looked upon as a massive disappointment by Frank, and with no options left, he is driven to desperate measures.

And Jamie is literally flat-out trying to keep his family afloat while Karen is coming apart at the seams. Karen tries to give her baby Connor up at the hospital, but gets stopped by a worried Maxine, who contacts Paddy during the Salsa tournement.

Post Credit Scene

Micky's voice can be heard from inside his bedroom as Paddy walks upstairs in the Maguire house. Micky is heard saying "yeah bitch, first I'm going to bend you over and slap your arse, then I'm going to give you such a seeing to your going to need a rubber ring just to sit down" Micky then laughs as Paddy stops and looks at his son's bedroom door then smiles and creeps over. He slowly opens the door, obviously expecting to find Micky with a girl, but instead finds him standing in front of a mirror and moaning as he uses a banana as a sex toy before turning around to see his father standing in the doorway and stopping open mouthed. Paddy's smile changes to a frown before he closes the door then walks away as Micky's begins to moan again.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


  • Narrator: Paddy Maguire.
  • Jamie is roped into his first big job for the Maguire Family business since being released from prison and swearing to go "straight".
  • The Jockey holds a "Vicars and Tarts" themed night with such costumes as Frank dressing as Jesus, Liam as an Angel and Kelly wearing even less than usual in a red bikini styled outfit and Maxine overheard saying that she is going to wear a "rubber nun's outfit".
  • Liam is the third character in Shameless involved in a storyline about attempted suicide. The first being Marty Fisher who was talked out of it by Debbie,[1] and the second being Kash Karib who faked his death to escape creditors.[2]


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