Frank Gallagher: Sent by God is the sixteenth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


While cleaning the windows, Jackson spots Letitia kissing Dee Davies in her bedroom. Jackson goes berserk, attacking Dee in front of a social worker who's waiting to assess him and Avril as foster parents.

Frank isn't much use in the parent department either, staggering to The Jockey and leaving Carl to nurse pox-ridden Stella back to health. Drunken Frank then leaves the pub and accidentally gets on a mini-bus, waking up in a synagogue.

He's discovered by Isaac, who promises not to report him because Frank's been sent from God. Frank thanks Isaac for his advice and hospitality by stealing his candelabra and legging it.

Karen's fed up with how she's treated in her own pub and plots to get her power back with a card game. Meanwhile, an ambulance is called for the smallest Gallagher. Will she pull through unharmed?

Post Credit Scene

Frank retrieves the menorah he stole earlier in the show from the door step he returned it to when he was attempting to make amends. He then looks up to the camera and smiles as he says "nice try".


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lucien Laviscount - Dee Davies
  • Olwen May - Mary Twill
  • Nicholas Woodeson - Isaac
  • Stacey Roca - Alyah Marsh


  • Narrator: Jackson Powell
  • Frank mentions Lip and says he is a great father to his child. He also mentions Ian, though not by name, he explains that he also had a "ginger one" (child) but goes on to say "he was nothing to do with me".
  • Mimi assures Avril Powell that Jackson isn't gay and claims that she "can spot them a mile away". This is a clear jab at the fact neither she nor the rest of the Maguire clan have realized Micky is gay.

Picture Gallery

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