Frank's Big Win is the fourth episode of the fifth series of Shameless.


Yvonne appears on the news when it turns out a £50,000 lottery jackpot has gone unclaimed but the ticket was bought in her shop. During the report she realizes that Frank was the one who bought the ticket. The entire estate soon starts sucking up to him and hanging on his every word, though Ian and Debbie refuse to believe it's true, especially when Frank can't produce the ticket.

Monica wastes no time in borrowing Norma's credit card and going on a major shopping spree while Frank worries how to tell everyone he hasn't actually won the lottery. Things soon take a turn however when Liam is kidnapped and Frank is contacted for ransom, forcing him to go to Paddy for help.

Ian moves into the spare room above The Jockey but the secret of his homosexuality is soon realized by Karen when she sees him sneaking out a man. She also finds a condom in her bedroom and realizes Ian has been having sex in her bed due to there not being one in the spare room. She confronts him but when she tells Jamie that he is gay Ian loses it and tells Jamie about her affair with Frank which causes trouble in their sex life.

Post Credit Scene

Letters are seen being posted, falling into an already big pile. The camera cuts to an obviously dead old woman sat with a Lottery ticket on her lap. This is the same old woman seen standing behind Frank in Yvonne's memory of when the winning Lottery ticket was bought, explaining why she though it was him who had won the Lottery.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lola & Macy Yoxall - Katie Maguire
  • Gerard McLaughlin - Reporter
  • Julian Walsh - Chalky
  • Reece Hampton - Cute Guy
  • Ralph Casson - Council Man
  • Helena Fox - Little Girl
  • Wendy Patterson - Bitter Women
  • Declan Wilson - Do-Gooder Man
  • Amir Farzaneh - Plumber
  • Ian Braddock - New Plumber



Karen: Can't believe you fucked some guy in out bed!
Ian: Keep it down!
Karen: You're fucking disgusting!
Ian: And your a homophobe!
Karen: Uh Ian, animal, vegetable or mineral I couldn't give a monkey's twat what 
your into but not in our fucking bed!
Ian: Right, I'll make it up to you. But I need to know your not gonna spread 
this around. Promise me Karen please.
Jamie: Hey, what's up?
Karen: Gay boy here fucked some guy in our bed.
Ian: Fuck sake!
Jamie: Your gay, really?
Karen: Hello, not the point! In our bed!
Debbie: The longer goes on the worse it's gonna get. Not just for you, for all of 
us. You didn't win the Lottery.
Frank: Well it's all about perception Deb, inni? If everyone said the sky's green 
then the sky is green.
Debbie: No, the sky would still be blue, everyone'd just be wrong.
Ian: No. 
Micky: I didn't say anything.
Ian: You didn't need to. We're not having sex.
Micky: But we're gay!
Ian: It's not a club, there aren't rules!
Micky: I got you a bed.
Ian: You also got me arrested.

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