Father's Day is the fifth episode of the second season of Shameless.


Frank's after Eddie Jackson's insurance benefits, but he's also a suspect in his disappearance. And Sheila finally learns what really happened between Frank and Karen last season.


Regular Cast

Guest Starring


  • Peter Murnik - Colonel Kirk McNally
  • Johnny Sneed - Richard
  • Karina Louge - Detective
  • Dove Cameron  - Holly Hermiker
  • Nicky Korba Little Hank
  • Robert Gant - Greg Garvin
  • Justin Mitchell - Malik
  • Beau Dremann - Officer
  • Bonnie Burroughs - Bev
  • Maria McCann - Diane
  • James Geralden - Randy
  • Bob McCracken - Laverne
  • Carlos Ayala - South American
  • Angela Sprinkle - Miss Grodanz
  • Charles Noland - Clyde
  • Myron Primes - Shareef
  • Devan Long - Nick Saakashivili
  • Joe DeBartolo - Barfing Man

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