Family at War is the twelfth episode of the fifth series of Shameless.


Carl, who has now left school, is dispirited by the number of potential employers who have turned down his applications for various jobs. Ian encourages him to put himself out there, but he gets worried when Carl sets his sights on the army.

After having a big argument with Stan, Yvonne arrives to work to find the shop is being held up by a local loan-shark named Asif Khan. However after Stan helps resolve the situation, Yvonne accidentally shoots him and finds herself arrested.

Monica is anxious about the impending birth of her seventh child, and Debbie has to prevent her mother from running away again.

Post Credit Scene

Monica is seen sat on her bed with her suitcase next to her, looking at her passport and looking sad. She flips to her picture and finds that thick black glasses and a beard have been drawn over her face and she angrily shouts Debbie's name.


Regular Cast

Secondary Cast



Frank: I'm the same Yvonne, selective hearing. But to fair, you kids do talk a 
lot of bollocks.
Stan: As a token of my commitment to you, I give you this new four pack of pants 
from George.
Yvonne: Snazzy.

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