Fallen Heroes is the eleventh episode of the seventh series of Shameless.

Liam receives a letter from Debbie saying that she's being posted to Afghanistan. With Libby Croker now living with Frank, Liam tries to spurn her attempts at friendship, as he believes that she will become more disillusioned with Frank. Liam soon finds solace in the company of a retired RAF officer named Reggie. But Libby and Carl grow concerned when Liam spends too much time with Reggie.

Bruce Donnelly comes to Ian's house, saying that his and Maxine's father throw him out for being gay. But Maxine soon learns that her father, Cameron Donnelly, who is now separated from his wife, throw out Bruce for being a stoner. Annoyed at Bruces lies, Ian and Maxine force Bruce out. But Micky helps Bruce get a barman's job at The Jocky, where he develops a friendship with Mimi, even after telling that he's gay.

Karen finds out that Joe Pritchard is attending anger management classes, and seeks to help him out.


. Narrator: Liam Gallagher.

. Debbie is mentioned throughout this episode. A photograph of both Debbie and Liam is seen in Liam's bedroom.

. Karen reignites her relationship with Joe, going as far as claiming to be his wife in anger management.

. Frank Gallagher meets Cameron Donnelly and becomes friends with him, despite saying that Cameron is a "Tory Nonce".

. Bruce becomes a regular character in Chatsworth until the end of Series 7.

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