Eric Tatchell was a young child who was briefly fostered by Kevin Ball and Veronica Fisher in Series 2.

The Social Worker who arranged the foster arrangement, Marissa Platting, revealed that Eric's rich parents played the stock market but got into debt and the day before their house repossession they fled to Málaga in Spain but left Eric behind, alone.

Eric was quiet, non responsive and straight faced when he first arrived. Though Kev and Veronica tried their best, they were left feeling like failures when Eric made no change. One morning, early in the placement, Eric collapsed at the table and vomited. Panicking, Kev and Veronica began to rush him to the hospital in Steve McBride's car, though they were worried that they were going to kill Eric, they soon realized that he had eaten a piece of cake out of their fridge. The cake was leftover from a recent party and was laced with Cannabis.

After a while, with Eric still acting cold toward them, Kev admitted that he thought they should give up and send Eric back. Though Veronica told him that fostering had been his idea in the first place, he admitted that it had been hers and he had just gone along with it. Kev's attitude soon changed however, when one morning Eric wet the bed and pleaded not to go to school.

Kev drove to the school with Frank Gallagher and watched Eric in the grounds at break time and was dismayed to see Eric being bullied by a group of girls. Deciding to make a dramatic gesture he drove right into the school grounds, threw open the car door and shouted for Eric to get in.

That night, Marissa Platting returned to the house with a group of Police officers and removed Eric. An upset Kev and Veronica thought the school must have reported Kev's dangerous behavior of that day but Eric was soon brought back with Marissa apologizing and admitting they had made a mistake and gone to the wrong house. Seeing this as another chance, Kev decided to teach Eric to box to raise his confidence.

Kev and Eric soon built a bond and when Eric asked if they could go to a real boxing match one day, Kev assured him they could. Veronica told Kev that he shouldn't have promised this as Eric was being taken to another family that night and they would promise him something they couldn't deliver until Eric was left thinking no one ever kept their promises. That night Eric told Veronica that he wanted to stay with the couple, but she told admitted that it wasn't an option. Eric left the next day, leaving Kev and Veronica upset.

While he was living with Kev and Veronica, Eric would often play with Debbie Gallagher.

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