Eric is the second episode of the second series of Shameless. It is the first episode to centre more on Kev and Veronica.


Everyone's partying round at Kev and Veronica's to celebrate their faked wedding anniversary when Frank takes a call. Hours later, he remembers to mention that social services are on their way - and it's a mad dash to clean up. The couple explain that they have signed up as foster parents due to Kev's infertility and that their social worker Marissa Platting may have a child to place with them.

Veronica is forced to throw her mother Carol and her brother Marty out because they haven't been vetted by Social Services but Carol wastes no time in hinting how much space Fiona has in her new house. Completely against the idea of letting Carol and her pyromaniac son Marty take over her house, Fiona only agrees when Veronica talks her into it.

Marissa drops off timid and quiet Eric Tatchell, Kev and Veronica's new foster child. Marissa explains that Eric's parents were middle-class people who played the stock market only to lose big and flee to Spain without even telling their young son.

The next day Veronica is happy to discover Eric ready for school at the dinner table until he suddenly slumps over unconscious. Panicking, Kev and Veronica enlist Steve and Fiona to give them a ride to the hospital but before they can get there Eric suddenly vomits and wakes up. Relieved, Kev and Veronica discover a piece of the cannabis filled cake from the party on him but more trouble soon starts when Police try to pull them over and Steve is forced to admit the Cherokee he is driving is stolen. Steve narrowly escapes the police attention and leaves the jeep in an abandoned warehouse after cleaning any finger prints off. Everyone is shocked by the revelation of where Steve really gets his money and cars but Fiona is only furious at the danger he put them all in.

Steve thinks leaving the jeep in the warehouse was the best plan until Tony arrives to tell them that that it belonged to the wife of the Chief Inspector and he is pulling out all the stops to track it down. Steve assures him the jeep is safe but when he returns to the warehouse, he finds it gone!

Meanwhile, Carol's latest toy boy Rico causes more sparks with Marty than with her. Despite the slow start, Kev begins to really bond with Eric when the boy is being bullied at school and Kev decides to teach him to box and stand up for himself.

Post Credit Scene

Eric is seen sat on a bed reading from a book on his lap out loud, he begins to recite the swear words Marty taught him earlier in the episode. Suddenly the bedroom door opens and a woman, presumably his adoptive mother, enters and asks if everything is alright. Eric nods and the woman leaves without shutting the door but her shocked face suddenly returns to look into the room when Eric suddenly says "piss flaps".


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



Veronica: "It's nice isn't it, having our own little kiddie in the house?"
Kev: "He's a right, miserable little twat."
Veronica: "Kev!"

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