Episode 11.5 is the 15th episode of the eleventh series of Shameless.

Chesney meets Remona, a white Muslim chemist while looking for replacement chillers. But he soon decided to renovate Chesco's by adding a pharmacist department and employ her services in running it. But a chance discovery in Remona's backroom puts him in fear of his life.

Meanwhile, Jamie, Shane and Kassi decide to go on a night out. But the police arrive to arrest Kassi the following morning. After the charges are mentioned, Kassi persuades Jamie and Karen to look after his family in his absence, but are shocked by Esther's relaxed attitude.

Elsewhere, Avril gets a job at her sister's car wash. But she soon discovers that Patreesha's life isn't as perfect as she thought.


  • Narrator: Chesney Karib.
  • First appearance of Remona.
  • Moya Brady (Remona) has previously appeared in Series 2 of Shameless as Cassie Western, a temporary landlady of The Jockey.
  • Yvonne Karib is mentioned in the episode.

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