Emily is the eleventh episode of the  Season 4 of the US version of Shameless.


Fiona is taken to a correctional facility; Frank wakes up from his operation suffering from post-operative delirium; Ian crashes the christening for Mickey’s son; Amanda’s parents bribe Lip to stay away from their daughter; Debbie meets an older student with a dark ulterior motive.




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  • Fiona gets sent to a correctional facility.
  • Frank has post-operative delirium and thinks a sick girl he shares a room with is Fiona.
  • Lip helps Amanda piss off her parents and gets $10K.
  • Matty's girlfriend posts inappropriate pictures of Debbie on the internet.
  • The social worker is impressed by Lip taking care of Carl's friends who live in a van.
  • Ian crashes Mickey's son's baptism.
  • Mickey comes out of the closet.



Lip:Wanna torture your parents? Bring them to my house for dinner tonight. Here's the address. We're having leftover lasagna I stole from the cafeteria. Don't ever say I'm not a man of my word again.

Ian:I don't have an interest in being a mistress anymore.

Mickey:Ian, what you and I have makes me free. Not what these assholes know.

Frank:I'm glad you're here with me,Fiona.
Emily:Me too, Daddy.


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