Domesticated Specialist is the ninth episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Remona's father Barry arrives on the estate, much to Remona's disgust. He attempts to give her a £30,000 cheque from the sale of her mother's house, but Remona is unwilling to accept anything from him. Barry quickly enlists Chesney's help in building bridges but Barry may just be as manipulative and false as Remona has been saying.

Esther discovers that Tam has been dealing ecstasy, she confiscates the pills but Tam and Aidan manage to find them and swap them for laxatives. Unaware of the swap, Esther, Frank and Karen dip into the pills and end up with a quite a different "high".

The bloom is truly off the rose in Shane's relationship with Sergeant Randall as she goes from cold and disinterested to paranoid and controlling. When Esther comes to Shane for advice on Tam's drug dealing, Randall gets the wrong idea and assumes Esther is trying to seduce Shane.

Meanwhile, Billy worries that his marriage to Mimi has lost its spark, so he finds a novel and rather permanent way to show his affection.

Post Credit Scene

Chesney and Aidan are seen laughing as they hover over a passed out Billy. The camera reveals that they have tattooed a penis near the mouth of Billy's Mimi caricature tattoo.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Philip Jackson - Barry
  • Andrzej Borkowski - Elder Polish Man
  • Sue Devaney - Mindy



Lillian: I'd show you my knickers but I'd have to wring them out first.

Barry: Like old times innit, fetching your old man his breakfast brew?

Remona: Not really, when I was little I could never work out how to get the top off the rat poison. I've got it down now, though.