Denzig is a background character in The Jockey, who has appeared in Shameless from the beginning. Denzig is a middle-aged man of Afro-Caribbean descent, of medium height, slim build and is going bald. Denzig was only named once by Kevin Ball in Episode 6 of Series 3, when Denzig was passed-out at the bar after downing a few pints. In Episode 12 of Series 7, Denzig formed part of the judges panel, alongside Bunty and Patty Croker, during talent night at The Jockey. Before Mimi started to sing "You'll Never Walk Alone" Paddy bribed them to give Mimi a standing ovation, but Bunty and Denzig did so prematurely while Mimi was past the first verse, which instantly exposed Paddy's deception.

Denzig is among a group of Jockey regulars, alongside Bunty, Billy and a handful of others who have appeared in Shameless since the first series.

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