Africa Davies, also known as Dee Davies, is the son of Jackson Powell and Alyah. He also spent a brief time in a relationship with his half sister Letitia, due to them both being unaware they were related.

Meeting His Father

Dee was the result of an affair Jackson had with his wife, Avril's best friend Alyah. Alyah told Jackson that she was going to have an abortion, leaving Jackson unaware that he had a son until his daughter Letitia brought him home as her boyfriend.

After realizing the truth, Jackson enlisted the help of Carl Gallagher to get Dee out of his life without his family discovering the truth. Taking him out for a drink they managed to drug him and drop him off at Lillian's Brothel to have sex with Kelly so he could be seen to be a cheat. However their plan backfired when Dee woke up crying for Letitia, Kelly took him back to the Powell house and told them it appeared Dee had been spiked and walked into the brothel by mistake.


Realizing that he had the son he had always wanted Jackson decided to spend more time with him, while keeping the truth a secret. But everything was revealed when Jackson took his drunk son home and spent the night, he returned home the next day unaware that Alyah had written "I fuck'd ya fella - A.D." (see left) on his back. Avril saw it and due to the shared initials and Jackson reverent behavior of Dee she thought Jackson was sleeping with Dee! Alyah soon explained the truth however and though Avril forgave her husband Dee and Letitia were disgusted with him. The fact that Jackson tried to drug him just to get him out of his life hurt Dee deeply and he told his father that he'd gotten on fine without him and didn't need him.

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