Episode 909 is the ninth episode of the ninth series of Shameless. It centres on Chesney Karib as he tries to take control of his life after a near death experience.


Chesney arrives home from hospital to find his cousin Toof waiting for him. Sent as their grandfather's emissary, Toof has come to negotiate Chesney's future. But when he reveals his plan to shut the shop and take Chesney back to Bradford, Chesney refuses.

Taking Chesney home with him, Toof shows him what the future could hold - nice house, car, wife - but Chesney knows it all comes at a price: to be forever under the cosh of Grandad.

At the Brothel, business is going well, but the girls need time off and Lillian has to find new staff. Taking the talent show format to a whole new level, Lillian holds auditions for new hookers, putting the real X into X-Factor.

Elsewhere, Jamie is irked by Gloria's refusal to acknowledge what happened during the blackout.

Post Credit Scene

Shane and Chesney are shown sitting at a table in The Jockey, trying to figure out a problem. Shane says "it's my bike, I'm the bloke, clearly", Chesney replies "Winslet in front, DiCaprio behind, I'm the bloke", they continue to argue this way until the camera cuts to them on Shane's motorbike. Both Shane and Chesney hold their arms out straight to the sides, laughing and continuing to argue over who is "the bloke". This is a reference to earlier in the episode, which is itself a reference to the 1997 movie Titanic.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ronny Jhutti - Toof
  • Faye Jenelle - Wendy
  • Daniel Walsh - Buyer
  • Jenny Hayes - Cat Woman


  • Narrator: Chesney Karib
  • The story line featuring Lillian's assembly of a judging panel to find more staff for her brothel is an obvious spoof of the recently popular talent show format.
  • Chesney takes ownership of the Shop and renames it 'Chesco'.


Kelly: Don't poverty make people do kinky shit?

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