Death and Erasures is the sixth episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Stanton, the old man Aidan befriended, kills himself leaving Aidan to run to Dom and Billy for help. But when they can't find a note, they decide to fake one lest Aidan's past criminal offences make it look like he assisted the suicide. However when Aidan begins flashing the cash, Dom begins to wonder if he really did kill Stanton after all.

Frank and a depressed Esther become even firmer friends when they bond over alcohol. However Thalia is less than pleased by Frank's regular presence so hatches a plan to get rid of him.

Post Credit Scene

Aidan and Frank are seen eating at the table in the Gallagher kitchen. Aidan looks confused then asks since he has had so much going on with Stanton and the assisted suicide and Frank has been with Esther, who has been feeding Stella. Frank stops to think for a moment before admitting that he doesn't know before adding that he supposes she has been feeding herself. The camera then cuts to outside the house as Stella stoops to a dogs bowl full of chips and begins eating them, Lillian can be seen just outside the garden smiling and nodding while mouthing "good girl".


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alan Rothwell - Stanton
  • Gemma Paige North - Nadine
  • James Foster - Dole Man
  • David Williams - Neighbour
  • Fiona Clarke - Angela
  • Tracey Booth - Police Officer


  • Narrator: Stanton. This is the only episode to ever be narrated by a guest character.
  • Frank explains his absence from work by saying he is on sick leave.
  • Last appearance of Dominic Meak.


Billy: So what's she like then?
Dom: A gentleman never discusses a ladies particulars.
Billy: So she's a dog?
Dom: No, no, she's gorgeous. I mean she's funny, she's smart, she'd have to be to 
have a chance of going out with me.
Billy: Is she real?
Dom: You what?
Billy: Well, I just never see you out and about with her. Most nights you're 
just pissed down The Jockey.
Dom: Are you accusing me of having a fake girlfriend?
Billy: My uncle fell in love with a sex doll. Live in a caravan together now, 
near Southport.

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