Dean, who appears in Episode 712, is a teenage boy who attends the same comprehensive school as Liam Gallagher. Dean was also a member of a group of bullies who begin to harass Liam, as one of them claims that they saw him on the estate wearing a dress (see Episode 711).

One day, Liam is returning from school when he spots Dean practicing his dance moves in an alleyway. Dean responds to Liam with seeming hostility, accusing him of "perving" on him. Dean catches up with Liam as he attempts to escape and shoves him against a wall, and then attempts to kiss Liam. Liam reacts in shock, before Dean realises that Liam isn't gay. Dean compensates for betraying his real feelings for Liam by forcibly dying his hair green.

Later one morning, Liam is chased through the estate by the same gang of bullies again, but this time, Dean gives Liam a lift on his bike to evade them. During a talent show hosted at The Jockey, Liam turns up to play the guitar, but gets stage-fright on the spot. Dean then steps in with his dance moves as encouragement before Liam finds his feet in the performance. Both boys become friends after that.

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