Daniella Feeney, known usually by her last name only, was the personal assistant of Carmen Kenaway and helped her evict countless residents of the Chatsworth Estate as part of "Operation New Start". New Start was a mult-agency operation which sought to evict as many residents of the estate as possible in order to turn it into an urban wasteland. Feeney is known to have a husband who she cares very little for.

Strangely loyal to her boss, Feeney was revealed to be in love with Carmen. Carmen returned the secret love with an utter lack of respect for her assistant, even demanding Feeney stop referring to her as "miss" as it "creeped her out". A drunk Feeney even admitted to Frank that she had once brushed her hand against a sleeping Carmen's breast and been thrilled. She blindly followed Carmen's example but took her boss's projected yet fake opinion of the Chatsworth residents as scum to a higher level, fully believing in Project New Start and later revealing to a disgusted Karen, Mimi and Gloria that she hasn't even thought of them as people.

Once a deal had been struck between Carmen and the residents, resulting in Carmen deleting the master files of all personal information the multiple agencies had for them, Feeney was left to join in the resident's celebrations. She was shown to care surprisingly little about the "loss of her religion" as Gloria put it and instead was left having very public sex with Chesney Karib in a pig mask. Feeney noted how confusing she found the experience, unaware who the man in the pig mask was or that he had been the one to attack Carmen so she could claim her insurance.

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