Dangerous Situation is the sixth episode of the fourth series of Shameless. It marked the return of Kelly Ball.


When everyone forgets her birthday, Monica falls back into the arms of Norma unaware that Carl is planning a surprise meal for her. He catches them having sex in Norma's van and goes berserk, ruining the meal and rejecting Monica. After harsh words from Mandy, Carl discovers the only way his family will get back together again if he gets rid of Norma but when his plan backfires he is kidnapped by Norma and stowed away in her lorry. However, Norma only wants to talk everything out and eventually they call a truce and cook a meal for the family together.

After beating up a 12-year-old boy whilst trying to sell drugs through an ice cream van, Shane is too scared to face the consequences. So he sends Frank to sell the drugs for him, and face the wrath of the boy's family but Frank ends up taking the profits and loosing the van. He and Shane must now get it back before Paddy and Mimi discover it has been stolen.

New PC Carrie Rogers joins Chatsworth's Police Department and is desperate to arrest the Gallaghers and Maguires so that crime on the estate will go down. Both PCs Tom O'Leary and Stan Waterman know that she is getting out of control but they are smitten with her, she decides to use this to her own advantage when Stan threatens to report her violent outburst to their boss.

Kelly Ball returns to Chatsworth but gets the shock of her life when she discovers The Maguire's are living in her brother Kev's old house. After trying to worm her way into the Gallaghers, Kelly begins lodging at Lillian's house but soon turns it into a Brothel, much to Lillian's delight!

Mimi stirs up trouble between Karen and Jamie. Pushed to the limit, Karen calls off her engagement with Jamie but Mimi and Paddy are determined to make Karen pay for her actions, kidnapping her and bullying her into getting back together with Jamie.

Lip and Mandy are having money troubles. Mandy suggests going to Paddy and Mimi for help but Lip is determined to prove that he can be a better man than Paddy Maguire. After being tazed by PC Carrie Rogers the side effects leave Lip with a permanent erection and he discovers the perfect way to make lots of money: a sperm bank.

Post Credit Scene

Carl is laying on his bed, he picks up a photo of Monica and Norma which he had previously folded so only Monica was visible. He unfolds the picture, then re folds it so that only Norma is visible before beginning to masturbate over it.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Margrate Jackman - Bernice


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