Damaged is the eighth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.


Paddy finally returns after being held prisoner by Maureen and forcibly injected with heroin. But Mimi is supicious of the false explanation for his absence. Meanwhile, Paddy tries to track Maureen down in order to exact revenge while attempting to combat his heroin withdrawal. While Mimi worries that Paddy has cancer, as a recovered heroin addict herself, Kelly recognizes the signs and confronts him.

Coming to terms with Monica's departure, the Gallaghers learn they have inherited the property of Frank's aunt, Iris Gallagher. Frank's children (except Liam) are desirous of moving to the home of their dead relative, but Frank neglects to tell them certain details about the inheritance.

Jamie tries to convince Karen that he should be added as landlord of The Jockey but she isn't so keen to share and is more worried about an upcoming inspection for her to acquire a marriage license. The disagreement snowballs however and cracks begin to show in their marriage.

With the family business in poor shape, Kelly, after quitting working at Lillian's Brothel due to a disagreement, persuades Shane to join her in routinely black-mailing travelling businessmen for profit. But one such encounter leads to terrible consequences for Shane.

Post Credit Scene

A large banner reading "Motivating a Modern Workforce" is seen hanging on a wall and a room full of men in suits sat at single tables is shown. One of the men asks an unseen person standing up front if, in their opinion, they should be steering their focus groups in the direction of the beaver or the cock. The person standing up front is revealed to be Lillian, who with the aid of a whiteboard containing a picture of a chicken and a beaver, replies that like she tells her girls, think cock. This is a call back to earlier in the episode when Lillian is seen to be reading a book on modern business and incorporating changes into her Brothel, such as performance reviews for the prostitutes.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Lola & Macy Yoxall - Katie Maguire
  • Alana & Anabelle Crampton - Stella Gallagher
  • Louis Kissaun - Danny
  • Enid Dunn - Auntie Iris
  • Malcolm Raeburn - Solicitor
  • David Williamson - Mr Bennett
  • Julie Ford - Maureen
  • John Draycott - Businessman
  • Trevor Williams - Gardener
  • Lynsey Coleman - Samantha
  • Darren Southworth - Mr Thompson



Karen: Sammy Orway?
Samantha: Samantha.
Karen: Not seen you since..
Samantha: Since you shagged Ben at my 16th.
Karen: Right. Sorry about that.
Samantha: Don't be, you did me a favour.
Karen: Can't argue, bad breath, came before he was out of his pants.
Samantha: I meant, you did me a favour because it made him realize there's only 
one woman for him. We've been married 3 years now.y

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