D'Reen Savage was the girlfriend of Paddy Maguire who appeared briefly in Series 7. She met Paddy at the Chatsworth Community Centre where she was giving dance lessons to the "rejected and terminally needy". D'Reen told Mimi Maguire that she was divorced but was "too selfish" to ever have children and was too wrapped up in her love of Theatre and Opera. She also considered Salsa Dancing her number one, until Paddy came into her life.

Paddy and D'Reen planned to leave the Chatsworth behind and move to Cuba together but Paddy eventually changed his mind when various problems in his family convinced him he was still needed at home.

The couple also bonded over Salsa and entered a dancing competition together. Mimi forced Paddy into one last big job before he left in the hopes of securing enough money for the family to survive without having to continue dealing drugs. Though Paddy planned the job, he sent Shane, Micky and Jamie to execute it without him as it was occurring at the same time as the dancing competition. The plan went off without a hitch but the money that was stolen turned out to be fake and Mimi angrily phoned Paddy to complain, he ignored her and hung up as he was getting ready to start his dance but his phoned then rang again to tell him that a sleep deprived Karen needed him. D'Reen pulled the phone away from him and the couple began to dance but seconds in, Paddy realized he was needed and left her there.

Once all problems were solved he returned to apologize and explain himself to D'Reen who asked him how he would manage if his family needed him when he was in Cuba. He sadly explained that he had realized he was still needed but appealed to her to stay there with him and continue their relationship but D'Reen turned him down and left.

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