Crossing the Line is the tenth episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Billy decides he is sick of being useless and so sets out to get himself a job at a security sales firm. However when the job interview turns out to be a disaster, Billy gets hired as a cook in the cafe next door to the security firm. Billy is elated until Aidan brings him back to earth with a bump by pointing out that the pay is terrible and it won't get him the respect he so wants. Spurred by Aidan's comments, Billy decides to pretend he got the sales job and begins spending more than he is earning to keep up appearances. However letting everyone think he is rolling in money turns out to be a bad idea, as the locals are more than happy to see him part with his inflated wages. Desperate to keep up his lie, Billy takes extreme measures to get his hands on same cash.

Thalia comes home from school with a black eye and explains that she is being bullied, so Esther is forced to deal with schools authority on bullying: Mimi. However all is not as it seems, Mimi discovers that Thalia was given a black eye when she bullied a disabled boy who retaliated, a fact Mimi is more than pleased to learn. Esther tries to teach Thalia that pointing out people's faults isn't good but Thalia counters that Esther does insulting impressions of the locals all the time. So in order to set a better example, Esther tries to apologize to the residents but also shows them her impressions, which leads to Thalia having to do some damage control.

Lillian is forced to ban Stella from hanging around the Brothel when she gives all the prostitutes head lice.

Post Credit Scene

Mimi and Karen are sat at a table in The Jockey. Mimi says that Billy has really matured lately, as she smiles Billy can be heard laughing and someone runs past the window behind them. Outside, Billy is seen running around completely naked and laughing as a hysterical Aidan films him on his mobile phone.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Andy Pope - Mr Vernon
  • Connie Hyde - Lucia
  • Paul McGreevy - Suited Man


  • Narrator: Billy Tutton.
  • Despite Thalia lying and telling Karen, among others, that Esther suffers from Bipolar Disorder, no mention is made of Karen's own struggle with the disorder.


Mimi: What do you know about sales?
Billy: I've sold things before,
Mimi: Drugs, Billy! Not security systems. 
Billy: Drugs, house alarms, once you get to know your product, you know how to 
sell it.

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