Crooks and Robbers is the fifth episode of the second series of Shameless. It sees Fiona struggling to cope with more mayhem so soon after Steve leaving.


A chance request from Sheila to feed the fish of a friend, Lena, on holiday gives Lip a much needed haven to finish school work. However he get's arrested when Lena comes home to find she has been robbed and he arrives at the same time. Lip tries to hit the police officer, PC Neary, to escape but is arrested anyway.

Wrongly accused of burglary and with an added count of assaulting a police officer it's a race to clear Lip as Marty, Ian and Carl sneak out to steal all the woman's things back from the real burglars. As for the assault charge, Veronica has an idea involving a wooden spoon and Lip's rear end.

Debbie's money making scheme of borrowing videos from the Kash and Carry to copy and rent out to other children causes some problems when the wrong tape is returned and it turns out to be the home made porn of a friend's parents.

Post Credit Scene

Fiona is seen cleaning in Debbie's room when she notices a VHS tape on the bed. She puts it on to check and finds that it's porn featuring the mother of Debbie's friend (and her school lollipop lady) and Stan who is dressed as Elvis. Fiona angrily shouts for Debbie before running to find her.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Brana Bajic - Lena
  • Maureen Lunt - Sargeant
  • Maisie-Jo Stahl - Lucy Connor
  • Bill Rogers - PC Neary



Lip: Fuck sake! I'm trying to do some work!
Ian: So? Is that out problem? You should stick to doing your own homework.
Lip: I'm only doing everyone else's because I need the money.
Ian: Well get a proper job like me if you need the money.
Lip: Not if I have to shag the boss up the arse.
Veronica: Hey! If nobody answers after fifty knocks it tells me they're not 
fucking in!

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