Crime and Punishment is the seventh episode of the eleventh and final series of Shameless.


Shane's music festival is quickly approaching but everything begins to fall apart when Mimi discovers his affair with Sergeant Randall. Shane refuses to break it off and happily tells Randall that they can have something "normal" now, but this only annoys her and she breaks off their affair herself. When the security organizer realizes they may not have immunity from the law now that Randall is annoyed with Shane, he pulls out, leaving Shane with no security and no one to sell drugs at the festival.

Mary Mae begins to worry that she is running out of time to pull Chesney so Aidan and Letitia come up with an odd plan. When they read in a magazine that men fall for women who are around when they get scared, Aidan and Letitia decide to mock rob Chesco while Mary Mae is there to spur romance.

Meanwhile, Avril finds herself a job working in the chemist part of Chesco but soon finds Remona's secret in the back room. Lillian tries to get herself a Brothel tent at the festival.

Post Credit Scene

DJ Scouse Mouse's large mascot head is seen being put on a table as a man, whose face stays off camera, phones someone on his mobile phone. He says "mate, bring the Bentley, get me out of this fucking shit hole" into the phone. As he hangs up, Lillian enters the festival tent and asks him to "sign her tits" and refers to him as "Mr Mouse". The man turns his back and puts his mouse head back on as Lillian excitedly asks "is that you Robbie?" The man then takes the head back off and gives her long, annoyed look. DJ Scouse Mouse was portrayed by Jason Orange, a member of British boy band Take That, Lillian's mention of Robbie is a reference to Robbie Williams, another member of Take That.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast



Letitia and Aidan jump out shouting while wearing balaclavas.
Stella: Who'd rob this dump?


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