Confession is the fifteenth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.


After Frank embarrasses himself at a funeral, Debbie tells not to bother coming home. Frank seeks shelter from the rain by sleeping inside a confessional booth in a local church. He is woken up by Mimi Maguire, whom, thinking Frank to be a priest, confesses to have hired a hitman to kill her husband, Paddy who earlier told a large lie. After Paddy was kidnapped by Maureen, the deranged mother of a girl who bought heroin from Paddy and died from an overdose, his marriage with Mimi fell apart due to the unexplained absence and the heroin addiction Maureen forced on him. Possibly to hide part of his guilt and weakness, Paddy let Mimi believe he had been having an affair and during a meal prepared by Shane he lied and told Mimi he had been having an affair with Maureen. This however, only made things worse, with Mimi telling him he should have left things unsaid. Frank spends the rest of the episode unintentionally becoming privy to the sensitive secrets of his family and neighbours. Notably, Paddy tells him that he has hired the same hitman that Mimi hired to take him out, leading to a showdown.

At the aforementioned funeral, Debbie meets with Mark, the student from two episodes previous. After Frank's earlier shenanigans, Debbie is forced to defend her father to Mark, as the funeral was that of his grandmother, who Frank revealed to have once been intimate with when he was fifteen. Although Debbie and Mark fall out with each other, later Mark tries to reconcile with her.

Ian tells an unhappy Liam that he plans to move from Chatsworth in the near future, so Liam enlists a reluctant Micky to compel Ian to stay put, which at first only opens up old wounds with Micky.

Much to Maxine's disappointment, Carl is too fixated with pulling a local girl to notice that Maxine herself has real feelings for him.

Yvonne enlists Meena and Stan to help her make all the shop's invoices unreadable in order to get more money in the insurance payout after the recent fire but Chesney continues to be a problem. Chesney begins to steal money from the till and invite friends to the house to watch porn and smoke drugs, fully aware that his mother can't risk upsetting him now that he knows she faked his father's death. Unable to cope with the effect on Yvonne, Stan tries to step in and stop Chesney but the loud argument only makes things worse when Meena overhears that Kash's death had been fake.

Post Credit Scene

The camera shows Lillian Tyler in the confession booth from earlier in the episode, with Frank still hidden inside. Lillian confesses to having impure thoughts, Frank asks her who she has been having these thoughts about in his priest imitation voice but Lillian is too embarrassed to say. After some encouragement she answers "Frank, Frank Gallagher. He sends shivers through me loins" which spurs a shocked Frank to pull the curtain in the booth closed quickly.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Ciaran Kellgren - Mark
  • Rodney Litchfield - Algie
  • Kevin Sutton - Terry


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