Comebacks is the seventeenth episode of the eighth series of Shameless.


A new gang has rolled into Chatsworth with an unlikely mission - to save the souls of the community.

Jesus O'Toole leads the group and seems to know too much about certain residents - who is his informant?

Aidan is certainly open to the possibilities that religion might bring, but love soon turns to hate when local businesses are picketed.

An explosion on the Maguire's turf sees the family prepare for revenge. Kelly is attacked by a stranger in a balaclava.

A familiar face is on the run, but given his track record help isn't in abundance until Kelly comes to his rescue in several ways, making Shane green with envy.

And Patty, a former resident returns, spiritually born again. Missing Libby she turns to the only person who might know of her whereabouts - Frank.

Post Credit Scene

Lillian is in the living room of her house with Kelly, Lillian is creating a mould of a man's penis while asking Kelly if her dead husband Brendan did various things, a callback to earlier in the episode when Lillian though he had experienced something that she had actually seen in a movie. She asks if he spent time in a Turkish prison only for Kelly to reply it happened in the movie Midnight Express she continues asking such questions, each time being told it happened in specific movies until she asks if he toured the Australian outback with a group of drag queens (The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert) which Kelly jokingly says he did. Lillian then rips the solid mould off the man's penis as he screams loudly.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast


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