Cold Turkey is the twelfth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.

Ian and Debbie are irritated to learn that Liam has been absent from from school because of Danny. Later, it is revealed that Danny needed Liam's help to track down his father in Liverpool. But after the arrival of Danny's Aunt Pegg, more is revealed about Danny's violent past, leading to a fatal meeting with Danny's father.

Paddy, with the help of his sons, voluntarily confines himself to his bedroom for several days, so to defeat his drug addiction. During his withdrawal-induced delirium, he sees an old face from his past.

With both his mother in prison and Paddy undergoing his self-induced rehab, Jamie takes over the Maguire family business.

Joe awakes from his coma, and Mandy has to make a decision about their relationship. She turns to Frank as an unexpected source of advice.


. Final appearance of Danny.

. Ian gains permanent ownership of the house from Danny and Pegg. It becomes a regular location in Series 7.

. First appearance of Padraig Maguire, Paddy's deceased father who appears to him in an hallucination.

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