Clementine, known just as Clem, is the wheel chair bound love interest of Carl Gallagher. The couple met in a club one night and since Clem was sat at a table, Carl was unaware that she was in a wheelchair. There was a spark between them regardless, with Clem joking that she was a serial killer who collected her victims skin and Carl quipping that she was the weirdest person he had ever met. She went on to tell him that she was the Warden of a Retirement Home and had just been called back there but she invited him along which he happily accepted. However, quickly going back to boast to Chesney, he saw her in her wheel chair for the first time. Panicking, he ran to another area of the club and ended up leaving for a one night stand with a girl he had spent the night turning down.

The next day he began to feel differently about his heinous behaviour and went to Clem's work place to apologise and attempt to charm her. Clem eventually accepted his apology, suggesting that similar things had happened to her before but after speaking with her again Carl realized he wanted more than her forgiveness. Clem refused at first but Carl continued to try, even going so far as to chain himself to a post outside her work place in a dog outfit.

After ignoring his antics in the dog costume all day, Clem eventually went out to meet him and revealed just how attracted to him she was. The couple then went back to a room in the Retirement home and had passionate sex.

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