Clayton Gallagher is the brother of Frank, Jerry, and Wyatt Gallagher, and likely the biological father of Ian Gallagher.

He lives in a large house with his wife, away from the south side.

In Daddyz Girl, Ian and Lip visit Clayton and his wife Lucy claiming they were working on family tree projects at school.  Clayton shows pictures of him
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He is portrayed by Kristoffer Ryan Winters.

and Frank as alter boys, and says that they had a falling out, and that it was his fault but he never did anything about it. Lucy seems uncomfortable and takes Clayton out of the room to help with pop. Lip and Ian hear her saying that she doesn't want them in the house and Clayton never slept with Ian's mother, obviously knowing the truth.  Lip says Ian looks just like him, and that he might as well take the opportunity and share the wealth with his obvious father. Ian gets upset and they leave the house. Outside, Ian tells Lip that Fiona's his sister, just like Lip's his brother, and he's happy living with them despite all their troubles with Frank.  They then go home with Clayton watching at the door.


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