Career Criminal is the twentieth episode of the eighth series of Shameless. It marked the beginning of the end for Kelly and Shane Maguire's marriage.


Marty needs a job fast and turns to crime to tide him over, but he's not a smooth criminal, and using items borrowed from the Maguires wasn't the smartest plan.

Kelly learns that there's a price on Marty's head, but surely Shane won't grass... Meanwhile, Billy is standing up for his rights as a father; he wants to give Cilla her second name. Mimi is reluctant, but offers him an ultimatum: to join her side, and she doesn't mean footy teams!

Billy is eager to please, but his devotion to Father Craig is rubbing Mimi up the wrong way. And Micky's flat has been raided by the police.

Shane confronts Marty about a dirty secret he left behind in Spain and when Marty hears the sirens, he runs. Kelly is heartbroken when she's told the truth, but who will she believe?

Post Credit Scene

Mimi is seen in her bedroom, tied to her bed with wild hair, a pale white face and cuts across her cheeks in a reference to The Exorcist. She growls at a worried looking Micky standing at the bottom of her bed before spinning her head around completely and projectile vomiting green liquid at him. Micky swears and asks if her gastric band is playing up again which Mimi answers by holding up her hands in a non committal way.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Michael Taylor - Billy Tutton
  • Joe Simpson - Cop
  • Nick Moss - Father Craig
  • Darryl Clark - Jonno


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