Bunty is an elderly women who is a frequent background character at The Jockey, who has appeared in Shameless since Series 1. Bunty is just over five-foot tall, grey-haired and wears glasses. She is often seen knitting cardigans while sitting in the pub. Frank once stated that Bunty "gives incest a bad name" after blaming her for throwing a dart into Micky Maguire's arm in Series 4. In Episode 616, Frank paid Bunty 70p an hour to look after baby Stella after taking her from Yvonne Karib, who was receiving child-benefits for looking after Frank's children. In Episode 707, Lillian Tyler, who believed that spirits were communicating with her, told Bunty she had only six months to live, causing Bunty to sell all her belongings and sign up for a parachute-jump for charity. It was later revealed that the "spirits" were actually untuned channels on her television.

Bunty has appeared in the series alongside Billy, Denzig and a handful of as yet unnamed Jockey regulars.

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