Brian was a young boy who appeared in Episode 8 of Series 3. Brian was attracted to Debbie Gallagher and had taken to following her around in attempt to ask her out. Debbie wasn't interested in Brian however and explained that attraction all boils down to chemicals in the brain and she didn't have those chemicals for him, to which Brian replied that he would give her his skateboard in exchange for a kiss. Debbie was more interested in getting herself a bride's maid dress for Frank and Sheila's wedding however and expressed her frustration out loud.

It turned out that Brian's father owned a Printers so he knew of people getting married through them coming in for wedding invitations. He used this knowledge to steal various bride's maid dresses in Debbie's size but she turned every one of them down.

Eventually Debbie found a dress she wanted in a shop and convinced Brian to steal it for her in exchange for the promise of a kiss. After he had the dress he refused to hand it over at first so Debbie closed her eyes and leant forward for him to kiss her, after warning him that if he spat on her she would vomit on him first, but Brian surprised her by saying he wasn't interested in kissing her anymore. He explained he never even wanted to see her again as she had too high an opinion of herself and had used him. Brian left her the dress and walked away with his skateboard leaving Debbie looking shocked, but after a few seconds she looked down at the dress before smiling widely and leaving.

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