Breaking Point is the sixth episode of the sixth series of Shameless.


Paddy wakes up to find himself tied up in a bedroom of the house of his new secret love-interest Maureen, whom believes Paddy must be made "accountable" for what he has done.

Carl begins to suspect Micky's homosexuality during an incident in the showers after a failed football match against a rival team.

Frank and Monica could be faced with a court date unless they can convince a depressed Benefits Claims officer not to report their case to the authorities. But overcoming this problem puts an additional strain on their own relationship.

Carrie is being transferred to Norfolk, Stan is taking an early retirement for his (false) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, due to Tom's immature prank from the previous episode. Tom is called in for a disciplinary hearing for his misconduct, but initially believes that he was reported for earlier sneaking into the Gallagher household to probe into Debbie's room. He accidently confesses to his misconduct, but learns from his superintendent that he was summoned to answer for his other act of misconduct, which forced Stan into early retirement (Carrie reported him). In light of these revelations, Tom has no other recourse than to go AWOL.

Post Credit Scene

Carl is seen sat on his bed in the Gallagher house, with a laptop between his legs obscuring what seems to be his naked lower half. He rubs his hands together and smiles happily as he inserts a disk into the laptop. However the sounds of groaning men are heard and his smile fades to a look of unease then disgust as he shouts "what the fuck" and covers his eyes. The camera cuts to the back gardens of the Gallagher house, Karib house and Maguire house at night as Carl is seen exiting his house and Micky is seen exiting his. They meet in the Karib garden and Micky apologizes while Carl calls him a dick and they swap a disks before returning home. This is a call back to earlier in the episode when Micky told Carl that he had lots of porn, but must have given Carl gay porn by mistake.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Alana and Anabelle Crampton - Baby Stella Gallagher
  • Sean McKenzie - Bernard
  • Julia Ford - Maureen Tudor
  • John Elkington - Jeffrey
  • Peter Foster - Superintendent



Micky: I'll be your best friend!
Carl: What?!
Micky: If you don't tell anyone [that he's gay] I'll be your best friend I'm 
serious! It'd kill me dad and me mam or they'd kill me. 
I'll do anything please! I've got DVD's, all the best films, Die Hard and that.
Carl: Fuck sake Micky, I don't give a shit, I just wish you were better at 
football. There's no need to go all psycho on us.

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