Bizim Hikaye, meaning Our Story, is the Turkish adaptation of Shameless. It is shown in the TV channel Fox (Turkey). The characters are:

Fikri Elibol (Frank Gallagher) - Played by Reha Ozcan. Fikri means intellectual. Fikri is the alcoholic father of the Elibol family.

Filiz Elibol (Fiona Gallagher) - Played by Hazal Kaya. Filiz means sprout. Filiz is the eldest sister of the Elibols, she looks after her five siblings. She and Baris are the main protagonists of the series, despite Fikri's existence, who is created after Frank Gallagher.

Rahmet Elibol (Phillip Gallagher) - Played by Yagizcan Konyali. Rahmet means God's mercy. Rahmet has an advanced intelligence.

Hikmet Elibol (Ian Gallagher) - Played by Nejat Uygur. Hikmet means wisdom. Hikmet experiences a forbidden love despite his young age. He is a shy boy who works in a supermarket and he is in love with Esra, a character who seems to be inspired by Linda Karib, therefore his homosexuality is changed to heterosexuality. Ian's ginger hair isn't shared by the Turkish actor, but it is revealed that Hikmet also doesn't like how he looks.

Kiraz Elibol (Debbie Gallagher) - Played by Zeynep Selimoglu. Kiraz means cherry. Kiraz is an emotional girl.

Fikret Elibol (Carl Gallagher) - Played by Alp Akar. Fikret means thought, idea, opinion in Turkish. In Arabic, it means to think. Fikret looks up to his elder brothers and holds a potential to be dangerous.

Ismet Elibol (Liam Gallagher) - Played by Omer Sevgi. Ismet means safeguarding. Ismet is the youngest brother of the Elibols. He has a weird hair colour for the Turkish, so Fikri wants to make him an actor someday. (This is thought to be inspired by Liam Gallagher (US)'s being the only black kid in the Gallagher family.)

Tulay (Veronica Fisher) - Played by Nesrin Cavadzade. Tulay means moon made of tulle. Tulay is the neighbour of the Gallaghers.

Baris (Steve McBride) - Played by Burak Deniz. Baris means peace. Baris is the young and mysterious man who tries to win Filiz's heart.

Cengiz (Tony) - Played by Mehmetcan Mincinozlu. Cengiz is derived from Genghis Khan. Cengiz is a police officer who also tries to win Filiz's heart.

Esra (Linda Karib) - Esra means help. Esra is the wife of the supermarket owner where Hikmet works.

  • The teaser of the series was uploaded to YouTube and it gained negative feedback, even from the actress Emmy Rossum, who plays the American version of Fiona Gallagher. Still, a majority watches the show and it continues.
  • The theme music of the series was produced by Cagatay Akman, whose hit song was shut down by YouTube under the law of copyrights.