“Livin’ life to the fullest. I wouldn’t trade a day.”

Bianca Samson was the doctor who treated Frank after he was shot by Sammi. Having just been diagnosed with stage 3 pancreatic cancer, she decides that she wants to live her remaining days "to the fullest" and leaves with Frank, who shows her the seedier side of life.

Her family tries multiple times to convince Bianca into going through chemotherapy, however she doesn't want to go through with it because she feels that it's useless given that her cancer is late stage and the chances of her surviving are very low. Frank sends her sister a texts during one of their drug and alcohol binges the address of the Gallagher house which is where they were. Bianca feels betrayed and tries to escape her family and Frank, only to have Frank go with her to Costa Rica for the next few days where she wants to live out her last days.

During 5x12 Frank buys a gun, only to have Bianca play Russian roulette and when Frank takes the gun from her, gets shot in the other arm. Bianca is experiencing progressing cancer. The next morning, Bianca walks into the ocean, never to be seen again. She leaves Frank a goodbye note and likely committed suicide.

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