Bex was a brief girlfriend of Chesney Karib's and a Nursery Nurse who appeared in Series 8. She only appeared in one episode.

Chesney and Bean

Bex was very flirtatious but held a disgust for anyone involved with drug dealing. When Jamie Maguire proposed Chesney use the Karib's Shop's new delivery service to deliver drugs, Bex put her foot down and warned Chesney she wouldn't get involved with drug dealers.

Chesney agreed to use the delivery service for Jamie's dealing behind Bex's back anyway, and also lied to her about his own drug use. Bex was worried that if she was caught by the Police and found to be involved with drugs, she would be put on a black list and lose her job. When Chesney and Bex catch a young girl, Bean, stealing they use her mobile phone to contact her father only to discover she is the daughter of Chesney's new delivery driver, Gorky.

The next time they see Bean, she has a cut on her face, realizing her father must be responsible they decide to get involved. Chesney gives Bean a ride to school only for her to try kissing him, Chesney pushes her away but someone at her school notices and contacts Gorky. Bex talks Chesney into continuing to help the child but Gorky finds the drugs hidden in his deliveries, confronting Chesney he explains that he had been stopped by the police but managed to hide the drugs as he would have been charged with intent to supply otherwise. Bex is present when Gorky mentions this and dumps Chesney on the spot.

Chesney continues to try and help Bean, both for her sake and in the hope of Bex taking him back. He realizes that Gorky has been using his daughter as a prostitute and pretends to be a peadophile himself to get proof. Close to the time is he meant to be meeting Gorky, he noticed Bex kissing another man close to the Karib's Shop, he tells her that he is doing everything he can to help Bean and has given up the drug dealing in the hopes of winning her back.

Bex tells Chesney that now Gorky and Bean have moved off the estate it's not his problem anymore and she's sure Bean will be fine. Chesney is shocked at her lack of interest and tells her that he though she was special before walking away.

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