Beginnings and Ends is the thirteenth episode of the eighth series of Shameless. It was the last episode of the first half of the series.


A charity night at The Jockey ends in disaster when Shane steals local celebrity Tilly's wheelchair. Shane's actions cause public outcry and throw the Maguire family business into chaos.

Libby's new friendship with Martin helps her to rediscover her passion for literature. It also opens her eyes to her diminishing relationship with Frank much to Patty's fear, who instructs Frank to woo Libby back. But Frank's benefits have stopped and his total disregard for others cause widespread problems until his actions finally have an impact on his own life.

Post Credit Scene

A quick clip from earlier in the episode is shown, where Micky takes a picture of Frank's penis and tells him to "say cheese". The camera then cuts to a smiling Micky in his bedroom gluing the picture to his wall before zooming out to reveal he has made a large picture of his own smiling face using the smaller pictures of penis' belonging to random men on the estate.


Regular Cast

Guest Cast

  • Natalie Garner - Tilly
  • Annie Wallace - Miss Heller
  • Keith Harris and Orville


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